The Effects Of Domestic Violence On Children Essay

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In this research, the study of children will be included. These children will be from the homes of domestic violence. As we know, domestic violence can take place in any home, and it does not discriminate. The main question in the study is whether or not children that live in homes where there is domestic violence should get involved in some type of counseling with coping skills. I would think this is needed to help them cope with everyday life into adulthood. I have never been in a domestic violence situation, but I have seen it many times. Those times that I did see it, there was someone to intervene. But this still does not remove the memories from the minds of the children. Domestic violence could be physical such as, hitting, pushing, rape and even death. It could also include mental and emotional abuse. This would include intimidation, name calling, and seclusion. Of course, there is more than this, but just to name a few. The violence of abusers may be triggered by stimulants of alcohol or drugs or even memories of prior abuse. We seem to focus our attention on the abused (spouse), yet we forget about the forgotten victim; the children. They need to be able to cope with this to live a normal life and not become abusers or need to be abused. If you have ever worked in a daycare/school, or even have visits from children into your home, here is a list of behaviors of children that witness domestic violence within their home:
• Physical Complaints -…

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