Essay The Effects Of Domestic Violence On Children

804 Words Jan 26th, 2016 4 Pages
Domestic violence is the act of emotionally or physically hurting another family or household member. It is a burdensome experience that will tire its victim. In order to end domestic violence, victims need to know that they should not be scared to seek help; on the contrary the help they receive will allow them to heal. Domestic violence is emotionally and physically draining. When I was domestically abused I always expected it and allowed myself to repeat going through the same cycle. I had a hard time dealing with it so I turned to drugs and self harm because I was depressed. Self harm helped me deal with the emotional pain; it was easier to deal with physical pain than it was to deal with how hurt and sad I felt. I’ve been told I’m worthless, that I should go kill myself, and that I’m not good enough. Even after all this has ended I struggle with believing in myself. Physically I felt too tired to do anything. I didn’t have the strength to get my school work done or do well in my classes. I have the potential to be a good student but when I have to deal with the bruises on my body after being dragged and hit in public I just want to lie down and sleep. My body would just want to given up on the rest of the day so I would just sleep and cry for hours. The worst impact an abuser can have on you is manipulation. My partner made me conform to whatever he wanted from me. I basically allowed myself to think that I had done something wrong and that he hit me because he…

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