The Effects Of Divorce On The United States Essay

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The increasing occurrence of divorce in the United States has become a major concern for social scientists who are finding a pattern between children of divorced and their adult relationships. Many researchers have begun to consider the consequences of the popularity of divorce for future generations. Divorce of parents does not only play a role during their child’s adolescent years, but can have consequences that carry into adulthood relationships. According to many psychological studies, such as one done by the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine (2001) and Gumbiner (2011); children from divorced families have higher rates of behavioral and learning disorders, which can lead to problems in their own relationships in the future due to factors such as a lack of parental presence, discipline, and direction during key developmental stages. (Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine 2001) Children whose parents divorced are more likely to enter marriage with relatively lower commitment to, and confidence in, the future of those marriages, which ultimately raises their risk for divorce.
One approach to determine why children of divorced parents have a more increased risk of divorce themselves is due to post divorce developmental issues. These children have been seen to have more aggressive, impulsive, and antisocial behaviors and more problems in their relationships with their mothers and fathers than children who came from intact two- parent households.…

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