The Effects Of Divorce On The Family Structure Essay

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If someone asked us what our parents have pass down to us, surely we would point out something that we have observed in our own parents behavior regularly such as primary socialization which include values, beliefs, norms or conflicts in life. Divorce is one of the traumatic situations that a child might experience in early life. From the child’s point view, divorce is a devastating experience that usually has life- long effects. If the child does not get the support he/she needs during this period he/she might develop some serious emotional and or physical difficulties in later life. So we need to take a careful look at the effects of divorce on the family structure. With a special emphasis on its long term consequences on children. How does divorce effect on the family? The author Anthony Giddens in the book Essentials of Sociology argues that “Divorce exerts a powerful impact on the lives of children, although most children of divorce farewell in the years after their parents’ divorce” (Anthony Giddens, 2015, p. 342). The decision to divorce is never easy, and as anyone who has been through it will tell you, this twisting, and painful experience can leave scars on adults as well as children for years. Therefore, divorce is one of the difficult way to end a marriage. Unfortunately, it is a very common situation in our modern society. The United has characterized by high marriage rates but “half of the population divorce” according to (American Psychological Association,…

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