Disintegration Of Marriage Essay

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The Disintegration of Marriage

In America, there is one divorce approximately every 36 seconds. That 's nearly 2,400 divorces per day, 16,800 divorces per week and 876,000 divorces a year (www.mckinleyirvin.com). Divorces not only destroy the lives of couples but it also have negligent impacts on their children. According to recent studies, Forty-three percent of children growing up in America today are being raised without their fathers. I have also seen many children who don’t have their mother who can nurture them to a brighter future. Divorces have been part of many cultures as long as records have been kept, and will always be a part of life till certain degree. There are several reasons for a marriage to fall apart, like for
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Improper upbringing can lead to various emotional problems that have major impact on children’s brain. According to the website (www.dailymail.co.uk), no child is too young or too old to be affected by a family break up. It will be emotionally disruptive, miserable and bewildering for a 6 month old to a teenager who is 16, till in it’s early twenties. But the most suffered are children under 18 and that 's because they are vulnerable and minors. Childrens are thoroughly dependent on adults and if adults starts being the irresponsible one then who is going to be in charge of their children’s future? The children who has suffered a trauma from their parent’s divorce tend to be an alcoholic, drug addict and also have a higher rate of suicide. The emotional problems lays a strong impacts on their brain and therefore they try to calm their nerve by taking ecstasy, unprescribed drugs, alcohol, etc. Children from a divorced home suffer from severe behavioral problems like aggressiveness, criminal activities, etc. A single divorce in an happy family can create a negative atmosphere, and in all the cases a naive child have to lose either of their parents but more importantly, a little bit of …show more content…
According to ABC news, about 3500 children, those whose parents divorced between between the first and third grade scored lower in math and had poorer interpersonal skills than those whose parents stayed. The anxiety level that they have to go through during that period is immense for a child take in and thus have some or other issue in coping with classmates and teachers. Dealing with others became very difficult for children because the negativity in their mind evolves to the most extreme level that they stop listening to others and feels lost in their own world. These kind of feeling are very common in children whose parents have recently separated and therefore have negative impact on their academic

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