The Effects Of Divorce On Children And Children Essay

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Although children in dysfunctional or divorced families can have advantages such as developing independency and learning responsibility, it is obvious that the negative effects from divorce outweigh the positive ones: generational repetition from inner wounds to parents and children, and the moral decay in our society. The seriousness of divorced was reveal in 2012, when there was a surprising rate of divorce in Belarus by reaching 68 percentages of divorce rate (“Worldwide Divorce Statistics”). People should be surprised with this result because this means that almost seven families from ten are separated and be broken families. One of the worst outcomes of divorce is that parents who decide to separate receive internal wound. They are emotionally shocked from divorcing. The facts that distributed to the shock can be the guilt of sacrificing children, or betrayal and loneliness they feel after they become single. According to research, almost all divorced couples experience emotional distress, including anxiety, fear, and anger, during and after divorce. Overeating, smoking, increased drinking, sleeplessness, and nervousness are common up to two years later. In addition, divorce often leads to a loss of friendships and increased isolation and loneliness (“Divorce”). Divorce is harmful not just to parents, but it has greater effect on children. Statistics shows that children from dysfunctional families are more to perform less in school than the ones from healthy family.…

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