The Effects Of Consumerism In America

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After world war two, there was a transformation of American that took place in the nation. Had much changing with the automobile, television, the GI bill, suburbanization, and effect of consumerism in the nation society, women gender, and racial segregation experience. Additionally, able to know the role that religion had in the Post World War II society.
To start from transformation that happen back then, with the new start of the television and the automobile, and people started to use them in life, change American life. And know that the “two products transformed American life more than any others; television and the automobile” (Schultz, 2014, p.439). With television, more people in instead of going out for entertainment would stay at home and watch television. Moreover with the automobile or car being made it “transformed American life, and the 1950s when cars were made accessible to many in the middle and lower classes (Schultz, 2014, p.439). Making it more affordable for people to have a
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Furthermore, the effect of consumerism in the nation society was that the “American industrial revolution transition from producing capital good to consumer goods” (A consumer society, October 19, 2015). Making more people have to buy their essential needs and made the economy increase and grow. In addition, with “a consumer society purchase good or consumes materials increase of their basic need” (A consumer society, October 19, 2015). With the people of the nation buying material made here, put money in the economy for the nation to grow and society was better for people. In total, the society was got conditions that were increase because of the increase in the economy, with people buying consumer material that were

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