Effects Of Colonialization In Africa

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The history of Africa was changed forever by colonialization and the possibility of this country gaining back its peace and moving beyond the periphery would be very difficult. When the Europeans entered Africa they exploited Africa for all of its resources and imposed their style of European civilization on the African people. They stablished country borders, stripped them of their rich resources, and forced tribes to merge together. Creating a war that is now amongst the African countries themselves. Their political system now fights with ethnical issues, poor economic development, and limited manufacturing. It is because of these issues Africa struggles with political stability, social chaos and an economic crisis that relates
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They exercised this opportunity to not only provide European settlers with cheap and secure control of land, but to also fool Africans into selling their labor to European farmers, and mine owners. The effects of colonization along with rapid population growth creates a major issue considering the lack of advancement in technology and in farming. Where “Sub-Saharan Africa was estimated at about 684 million” (Ch. 6). Making pressures of maintaining land and water extremely difficult. Whether horrible climate conditions or over population, food production has become very low in Africa while other countries continue to advance. They saw major deterioration toward the end of the 20th century when there valued decreased in the world market because items were being manufactured at high rates. Climate conditions make it very difficult to harvest and maintain land. Due to the lack of funds and poor advancement in farming machinery progress towards development in Africa, many African countries did not have adequate funds to begin any economic development projects. This was inhibiting and made it so the countries did not have feasible farm machinery. Without this, efficiency and production was lax at best. The simple use of basic equipment and mostly hand tools could not meet the level of production necessary to be competitive. While there remains to be little economic growth in …show more content…
There were no African representatives present all though “80 percent of Africa at that time was under American rule” (Ch.6). Boundaries were set with no concern for existing ethnical, religious, or political territories. Africa would then continue to see a constant change or rearrangement in the European colonies. The enduring effect of this would result in Since the Colonization era Europeans left frictions and hostilities among tribes, ethnic groups or even countries.

Africa’s lack of industrialization, technology advancement, and continuous ethnic battle are all from the legacy of the colonization era. There is opportunity for growth with the millions of people they have but because of the previous constant shuffling of their country, climate issues, and crisis of production it creates more issues as to how they as a country find peace amongst themselves. Concentrate on has gone through it has kept Africa stagnant. In order for them to advancement beyond their own cultural differences

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