The Effects Of Climate Change On Our Health Essays

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I can remember as a child going out on Halloween night in the snow. As years pass and I get older winter has gotten shorter and summer has gotten longer. The average Temperature is slowing rising each year. Ten years ago I would have never believed it would be in the mid- sixties on Christmas day, until 2015 made me a believer. Humans are play a large role in climate change with our emission off fossil fuels, aerosols, and CO2 released when manufacturing concrete. Climate change is weather patterns that extend for several years. Climate Global warming is a major effect of climate is one of the biggest problems to find a fix for. Some other effects of climate change are rising sea levels, extreme weather conditions, and impacts our health.
Some effects of climate change, can’t be physically seen by the human eye until it is to late. There are no beach or oceans near Kentucky so noticing a change in sea level would be impossible for residents here. Sea levels have risen at an accelerating rate over the pasted forty years. Rising sea levels effect the likely hood of flooding of beach. As the sea rises the tide come more inland eroding away beaches, and mixing with the fresh ground water supply found under the surface of the earth. This ground water is sometimes used for drinking. The warmer temperature are causing ice and glaciers to melt at the polar caps which also affect the sea level. Also, the oceans are getting warmer affecting the life of vegetation on the…

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