Essay on The Effects Of Children Poverty On Poverty

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The Effects of Children in Poverty Poverty destroys a child’s aspiration, dreams, and most importantly, their opportunities. Children will experience poverty during the years of the brain development. Thus child poverty creates long-term negative effects, with children having more health problems, high school dropouts, child abuse, growth of government aid, and economic insecurity in adulthood. It is humiliating that in the United States that child poverty is higher than adult. With the Unites States having the world’s largest economy how could this be happening. Let alone, health problem is a major effect of children living in poverty. Children are less likely to have access to quality health coverage. “ With less family income, children in poor families lack the resources for healthy development, such as access to nutritious meals and enriched home environment” (Isaacs). Children without the access to resources for a healthy development have more severe health problems to face, far worse than those not living in poverty. Children are vulnerable to disease from not having access to clean drinking water. Parents, who face financial instability, are unable to provide children with clothing and shoes to cover the body from hazards, or even provide the child with medical assistance such as vaccines, medicine or even health exams to help find health problems before they start. As a result of child poverty, dropouts are more common. “One study found children were poor in…

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