The Effects Of Child Abuse On Children Essay

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Did you know that in concurrence to UNICEF each year almost 3,500 children die from physical abuse and/or neglect under the age of 15? Or that according to the non-profitable organization Child help in the United States, 3.3 million accounts of child abuse are made per year involving nearly 6 million children? From these statistics you can see how big a controversy child abuse is and how frequently it occurs. Surprisingly, child abuse is more common in developed countries than undeveloped countries. For instance in the United States, Mexico and Portugal, reports of child abuse are ten times higher than other countries with the next highest rates (UNICEF). Child abuse often occurs because adults blame all of their stress on the children, as the children they are looking after are often not their own and the parents are often substance abusers. Although an ordinary characteristic, stress is a big element in why child abuse occurs, as once the stress starts accelerating and building up, parents suddenly blame their children for their own problems. According to Child help, 10% of children who are abused have single (widower/ widow, unmarried or divorced) parents. As you can see, being a single parent and having to work are hard things to balance at the same time without one out-weighing the other. This can cause extra stress between trying to get your children to and from school whilst trying to hold down a job that has a good enough wage to support the dietary and…

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