The Effects Of Celebrity On Mental And Emotional Health Essay

1813 Words Jan 27th, 2016 8 Pages
Stress that comes with the job of being a celebrity can affect their mental and emotional health. Celebrities these days are sometimes hard to figure out, they could be going through mental and emotional problems and we wouldn 't even know it unless some tabloid or paparazzi find out. Some celebrities these days seem to be happy and content with their lives because they achieved what they always wanted in life. Other celebrities even though they seem happy, in their mind they could be going through some problems. There are many celebrities going through tough times right now, and not just about money. Mental and emotional health problems are mainly brought on by stress from fame. Stress is the main factor that can easily trigger mental and emotional problems. Demi Lovato, Whitney Houston, and Robin Williams are just a few of the many celebrities who struggle with mental and emotional health daily. Two out of these three have already lost their lives. Demi Lovato is a lucky one who was able to conquer her illness. There are some who are able to win and some who are able to lose. Everybody knows Whitney Houston as a phenomenal and powerful singer, gorgeous model, and a cocaine addict. Whitney Houston became famous in her teenage years, because of her natural beauty which resulted in her being recruited as a model and becoming the first black woman on the cover of Cosmo. Houston became famous not too long after she became a model, so during her twenties and so on, she was…

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