The Effects Of Carbon Dioxide On The Environment Essays

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Although I am often unaware of it, my daily actions are impacting the environment in negative ways. As countries are working to reduce their average carbon footprints, it is important for myself and others to be conscious of how our lifestyles affect the world around them. During the past week, I have tracked my energy and water usage in addition to the amount of waste I’ve produced to determine my own carbon footprint and how my carbon footprint compares to national and worldwide averages. Additionally, my data collection helps me predict how substantial my future environmental impact may be and the combined effect on the planet if others lived the way that I do. According to, I alone produce about 7.7 metric tons of carbon dioxide waste each year. However, I think the actual amount of carbon dioxide I produce is greater than that number because I travel more frequently and use more electricity when I am at home during the summer and not living in my dorm room. Energy usage is the main area that I could improve on in order to reduce my carbon footprint. I tend to leave appliances that I am not using plugged in at all times, which is wasting energy. In the week I tracked, I left my phone and laptop chargers plugged into the wall at all times despite only using them overnight. I charged each of my devices overnight for an average of nine hours, although it takes much less time than that for them to fully charge. Realistically, I don’t think that I will…

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