The Effects Of Bullying On Adolescence Today 's Society Essay

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One of the many issues adolescence face in today’s society is bullying. This problem is very important and real around the world. In the book Health Issues Today Bullying, the author states, “Bulling is an imbalance of power where the bully has greater power than the victim. The bully intentionally abuses his or her power o hurt the victim” (Kuykendall, 2012). In recent years, bullying has caused suicides among adolescence around the United States. There can be numerous explanations as to why adolescence terrorize other people. The effects of bullying on adolescence can be distressing; this is what creates social separation and even suicide. One may see it in the news, when adolescence decided to give-up on his or her life. It can also be read it in magazines and books. In today’s society, bullying takes place in many various forms. It can happen in a school, place of employment, neighborhoods, and even right at home amongst other siblings. However, sometimes parents often fall to notice or realize the bullying that takes place within their homes. For instance, younger brothers and sisters are faced with a significant amount of bullying from their older siblings. One can see it when, the older siblings are assigned tasks, they entice their younger brothers or sisters to do the assigned tasks for them. If they refuse, they are threatened, abused physically, denied food and overall, leads to complete control and manipulation. According to Dr. Kuykendall, “Victims of bullying…

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