Essay about The Effects Of Autism On A Person Who Suffers From It

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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), or in short referred to as just autism, is a very server development disorder that has effected and consumed many children’s lives. Autism is not an easy illness to maintain. In this research paper I will discuss the effects that Autism can have on a person who suffers from it, how this disability impacts their families and friends, as well as their classroom and learning environment. I will also discuss what research based interventions and assistive technology are provided to help and contribute children with autism. The last thing that will be discussed in this research paper is how effective and beneficial it is to have family partnerships to help families gain knowledge so that they can be better equipped to manage.
Description of the Disability
ASD occurs in all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups, but is almost five times more common among boys than among girls. It is estimated that nearly one in sixty-eight children suffer from this disorder. However children born to elderly parents are more likely to be born with autism. Normally, if a mother has a child with autism there is a two-eight percent chance that her next child will be born with the autism as well (Data & Statistics, Pg. 1). Parents usually notice developmental problems before the child’s first birthday, or the doctor usually diagnosis a child with autism before the age of two. Doctors that catch the disease in patience at an early stage immediately start…

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