The Effects Of Anorexia On A Person 's Body Essays

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One’s disagreement with their assigned sex, Corradi claims, is like an anorexic person’s perception of one’s body (19). Doctors would not help the person lose weight because that person thinks he/she/they are overweight, so doctors should not help a person transition into another gender because he/she/they think they are that other gender. These two examples are not similar, though. Anorexia can harm or even kill a person, whereas having a non-binary gender cannot physically harm a person. Helping an anorexic person lose weight could harm that person more, but helping a non-binary person feel more comfortable in their body will usually not harm them outside of standard surgery recovery or reactions to hormones. “Usually” is stressed as Corradi reports a study in which 324 people who underwent sex-reassignment surgery reported being suicidal afterwards (19). However, this report does not consider outside stresses, such as family and friends not accepting the non-binary person’s new appearance. It cannot be determined if these people were suicidal because they regretted having the operation or because of the social problems it caused. So it may not be GID itself but rather the effects it has on relationships that harm an individual. Those that continue to say that GID is a problem fail to see what professional psychiatrists and researchers have concluded: having a different gender is not a mental condition nor does it need to be treated. Many agree that it is the negative…

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