The Effects Of Alcohol On College Students Essay

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According to the International Journal of Prevention Medicine (2013) the highest proportion of people with alcohol disorders are between 18 and 29 years, an age bracket that includes the majority of enrolled college students. Alcohol use within the college student population continues to be pervasive and a major concern among researchers, parents, and university faculty today. Annually, approximately one out of every three emergency room visits are ages distributed among the college age bracket and are related to alcohol consumption, according to National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) as a result more than one thousand eight hundred deaths take place yearly. The use of alcohol is not only a concern for personal health reasons but as well as their ability to perform academically. Among the student body alcohol has become an integral part of higher education in which, the college environment only helps to exacerbate. College students are encouraged to participate in social environmental activities, yet alcohol is quite often a part of these settings among with food, games and narcotics. As a result, students are faced with the day to day challenge of attending class, completing assignments on time, maintaining their GPA, studying for a test, and not falling into the peer pressure of welcoming alcoholic lifestyle.
A number of studies pertaining to college students and their lifestyles have found one’s environmental setting plays a role in their alcohol…

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