The Effects Of Air Pollution On The Environment Essay

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What do you know of Air pollution? Of its effects? How it starts? Air pollution is known by everyone, though very few know of the problems it causes for both our environment and us. Both the environment and we are not the only ones affected the environment changes cause what is known as acid rain and this rain damages all the creations that humanity has made over the centuries. Multiple people know of air pollution and the problems it causes such as problems concerning the body, the changes to the environment, the changes in weather, and problems it causes for people with asthma; however, a few things have been done to better the problem such as The Clean Air Act passed in 1990. Air pollution causes multiple problems mainly concerning with the lungs, as well as outside appearance. “Damage to lung tissue may be caused by repeated exposures to ozone” (“Health”). According to the Health Article damage to the lungs is due to the air pollution and according to Slamina and Hogan “Air pollution causes death numbering in the millions of people per annum” (Slamina and Hogan). One of the damages it causes would be damage to lung tissue which makes it quite difficult to breathe and far worse to people with asthma. Along with breathing problems, it also causes some amount of irritation in the face when exposed to polluted air. This polluted air is mainly referred to as smog. On your way into a city you would see what appears to be a grey cloud or mist hovering over the higher levels of…

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