The Effects Of Air Pollution On The Health Of People Around The World

806 Words Oct 23rd, 2015 4 Pages
Every year, thousands of pollutants enter our atmosphere, and this has had a profound effect on our entire lives. As companies pump gasses and chemical into the air , everything from our health, to our weather, to our quality of life has been affected. These changes have led to deteriorating conditions to our health and the natural balance yet very little is done to stop it. Air pollution has had detrimental effects on the health of people around the world. In nations like China, the air is polluted to the point that in certain areas masks are necessary to avoid serious respiratory problems. the pollutants in the air there are a serious problem, more so in urban areas where the pollution originates. Many of the cities,like Beijing or Baoding, are polluted to the point where it is dangerous to breathe without masks. Certain diseases have become common in these areas due to the lack of clean air, such as bronchitis and asthma, diminishing the strength of the respiratory system. The smog allows particulates in the air and results in poor air quality is are directly related to the emissions of burning fossil fuels; these particulates go into the lungs of the people, causing difficulty breathing. Proper oxygenation is critical to your heart and body working properly, so it is only logical that greater amounts of pollution would negatively affect our health and cause our bodies to perform worse or to fail all together. Additionally, the WHO attributes more than two million…

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