Essay about The Effects Of Air Pollution On Health And People 's Health

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There are many different ways to how air pollution comes to occur. There are various components that bring both environmental health and people’s health both into consideration as one with this situation. There are also the cause and effects, different sources and unfortunately to not forget to mention, the risk factors. Although there is already enough going on while the pollution has already taken place, yet there are also ways to prevent and help our environment and the people living in it.
In many cases, pollution is something that cannot be completely prevented, yet it is something that can be taken into action to reduce. To start off with, there are implemented prevention methods to reduce the amounts of pollutants that go into the air. It is not completely preventable for the reason that some pollutants cannot be stopped from getting leaked. These pollutants are still out there making their way into the atmosphere because some pollutants are natural. There is also man made pollutants and they are produced from essential factories that have things to produce.
According to the Environmental Protection Agency on Medline Plus, “Solid particles mixed with gases in the air is called air pollution. Many of the particles are suspended from different places and hang up in the as mold spores, pollen, chemicals from factories and car emissions. A key segment of air pollution in cities is a gas called ozone. When this certain gas creates air pollution it is then referred to as…

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