The Effects Of Air Pollutants On The California Central Valley Of California

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The state of California is driven by high productivity, the demand to produce and deliver makes air pollution inevitable. Air pollution is caused by air gasses that emit into the atmosphere, ultimately contaminating the air. The central valley of California is notorious for poor air quality, it has even been referred to as ‘America’s toxic agricultural capital’ (Leslie, 2010). The California Central Valley is greatly focused on agriculture, it is filled with farmers who rely heavily on their crops for income, but is also composed of larger metropolitan areas like Fresno and Bakersfield. It is because of the dual pollution coming from agriculture and urban life that the California Central Valley is one of the most polluted areas. There are two types of air pollutants: primary and secondary (Sitaras and Siskos, 2008). Primary air pollutants are emitted directed into the atmosphere from a source. Secondary air pollutants are not directly emitted into the air but are formed by the interaction of a primary air pollutant with other elements in the atmosphere. Both primary and secondary air pollutants are contributors to the poor air quality in the California Central Valley.
There are several causes of air pollution in the California Central Valley, the leading causes are burnings fossil fuel, agricultural activities, exhaust from factories, and indoor activities. Based on the geography of the central valley the opportunity for pollution is increased, there are rural and…

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