Essay on The Effects Of Adhd On Children 's Symptoms

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Disorganization, impulsive decision making, and the inability to complete tasks in a timely manner are just a few of the symptoms of someone with ADHD. The signs are pretty obvious, even having spent very little time with someone with ADHD, this disorder can easily be recognized. Growing up in a household with multiple individuals with this disorder shed light on the difficulties that they face in normal day to day activities. These activities can be as simple as keeping a tidy home, starting laundry and actually finishing it, or even preparing food.
Ample amounts of research studies have examined the causes of ADHD. Although there is an abundance of data from these studies, the exact cause of this disorder is still uncertain to experts. Research, at this point, suggests that ADHD is fundamentally a neurological disorder that can develop during early childhood or is present at birth. The severity of a person’s symptoms can be increased by environmental factors, but isn’t a primary cause of this disorder.
Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, primarily those affecting behavior. It is impossible to come up with one explanation of how the human mind works. For this reason, there are six theoretical views make up the study of psychology, each having differing opinions of why we do what we do. In this essay I will explore the opinions of each theoretical view regarding ADHD.
The Biological view on ADHD views this disorder by tests ran by…

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