The Effectiveness Of Cognitive Behavioral Approach Essay

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This essay is in reference to discussing the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral approach. Therefore, this essay will elaborate on the effectiveness or the limitation of cognitive behavioral approach. Secondly, I will discuss how each components influence one another in reference to emotions, thoughts, and behavior. In conclusion, this essay will consist of research perspective and personal view on how each approach is essential to cognitive approach. The educational implementation discussed in this essay is in accordance with state mandated laws. State mandated laws help implement fair and appropriate education for all students. The first view is to provide factors to service students with Emotional Behavior Disorder. Lastly, I will iterate how each component can assessed in a classroom setting The component of Emotions in relation to CBI plays a major part in controlling emotion in a classroom setting. Emotions can be trigger by a bad memory, a chemical imbalance and a mental disability. There is now an understanding that a child who exhibits a behavior that is inappropriate, might have a mental disorder. Mental disorders are hard to detect due to the complicated brain function, however scientists are now researching that mental issues are prevalent and can be detected with the proper testing, assessment and monitoring of educational or medical professionals. We can all agree that in order for a student to be diagnosed with an emotional disability a series of…

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