Essay on The Effect Of Wine Production On Ancient Egypt

1226 Words Jun 10th, 2016 5 Pages
Historically, the Mediterranean countries associated with wine production; we have many evidences which prove the archaic industry of wine in these countries. Although some countries could adopt a new trend of tourism based on wine and definite the visitors the steps of wine process from harvesting to storage; this new type has met a great demand in tourism marketing, but others couldn 't promote this new type which has known as 'Wine Tourism '. Although the iconographical, archaeological and textual sources from ancient Egypt confirm that the wine was already produced there in the third millennium BC. Egypt did not promote this new type for many reasons concerned with customs and traditions in modern society. The scenes which are preserved on Egyptian private tombs indicate how the different steps in the elaboration of wine are very similar to the traditional European method. The paper aims to shed light on the wine production in ancient Egypt as a complicated process begin with agriculture and pass over with harvesting, juice making, labeling and finally storage; all these steps have not been compiled and analyzed in depth until now and connect with modern wine making in European countries like France, Spain, Italy, Portugal or Greece. The paper was developed using analytical and comparative approaches based on document and picture analyses. The paper concluded that there are many barriers stand in front promotion this new type of Egypt deal with traditions and…

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