The Effect of Technology on Globalization Essay

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There has been a great deal of discussion in recent years about globalization, its impact has been both praised and criticized. Globalization is defined as the process enabling financial and investment markets to operate internationally, largely as a result of deregulation and improved communications. I believe the technological advances have had a positive impact on globalization. The use of cellular/mobile phones and the internet have allowed easier access to conduct business anywhere in the world.
Evidence of globalization can be seen in our everyday lives. Technology in many ways is the driving force because it is probably the most obvious aspect of globalization. Advances in communication technology have changed how business is
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I believe the good still outweighs the bad when it comes to the use of technology. In most cases, workers will have a tendency to do more work after-hours at home because of the ease of connectivity. Most, if not all, companies would agree that this will benefit them because of the increase in work done by their employees.
Another way that technology is having a positive effect on the world is by allowing underdeveloped countries to connect with additional resources. Imam Almamy Korobara is reaching out beyond his remote corner of Mali to connect with millions of Muslims and religious leaders worldwide using the web of linked computers called the Internet, thanks to information technology donated by the U.S. government. (Fisher-Thompson) The program that is bringing the benefits of the worldwide information revolution to sub-Saharan Africa is named after U.S. Representative Mickey Leland who was killed in a plane crash while on a humanitarian mission to Ethiopia in 1989. According to the USAID’s Leland Initiative Website, “Africa needs access to the powerful information and communications tools of the Internet in order to obtain the resources and efficiency essential for sustainable development.” (Fisher-Thompson) Korobara was chosen to receive this Internet training and a year of free service because of his support of U.S. government funded programs

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