Essay on The Effect Of Sleep On False Memory Formation

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Neurobiology of Learning and Memory: The Role of sleep in false memory formation is a report published by J.D Payne from Harvard University Medical division. Payne and his team carried out a series of experiments to establish the effects that sleep has on the formation of false memory in human beings.
Establishing the effects that sleep has on false memories formation is the main objective of this study. The study is significant due to the contribution that it makes in the field of psychology where, understanding how the human mind functions is paramount. Sleep is vital to any human being as it ensures optimal performance of the brain, which is the center of all human body functioning. The study has a clearly stated problem statement because it focused on a single phenomenon, it is also short thus avoids ambiguity, making it easy to identify the dependent and independent variables in the study. The writers make good attempt is made relate the problem statement to other studies done in the past on the same subject matter. This relationship is brought out well by proper citations and reference to relevant authors and other studies done on the same subject matter.
Several studies and experiments have been done to examine the effect of sleep on false memory formation. Research suggests that sleep is vital in the process of consolidating memory and veridical information. This assertion is contrary to popular belief that sleep only affects specific memory formation. Research…

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