The Effect Of Internet Addiction Essay

1128 Words May 4th, 2015 null Page
It is important to generally evaluate a problem with various assessment tools as applicable and available as possible. In the same way, it is important to do make use of proper assessment tools in order to weigh the effect of Internet addiction, and follow accordingly to resolve the addictive behavior. According to Laconi et al. (2014), the “increasing research interest in Internet addiction has led to the development of numerous scales assessing this disorder” (p. 191). In order to assess Internet addiction, medical professionals and others all over the world are using numerous assessment tools that are theoretically based on other kind of behavioral problems such as pathological gambling, substance dependence, etc. (p. 193). Furthermore, addressing Internet addiction, Laconi et al. propose a solution, suggesting to carry out the assessment tools that should aim to “evaluate the nature of the activities engaged in while online”; so that it will be easier to “clarify the nature of the addiction”, and diagnose it properly (p. 198). If an assessment of Internet addiction is carried out correctly following the efficient assessment tools, researchers or/and clinicians can find the proper way to diagnose it. Following such concept analytically, victims of Internet addiction should be taken care with effective treatment. A very durable solution to Internet addiction can be created if a research that is done focusing on “evaluating psychometric properties of existing scales in…

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