The Effect Of Incidental Emotions On The Perception Of Decision Making

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Incidental emotions
Incidental emotions are the emotions that are not related to the decision at hand but they are the emotions that decision makers might be experiencing while making decisions. Although these emotions are not produced from the process of decision making, they can distort an individual’s perception about various decisions. For instance, a pivot set of studies found out that people who read a happy article make more optimistic judgements about risk of future consequences of an irrelevant subject than people who read a sad article (41). Several studies have found that when people try to predict their future feelings they project their current feelings and consequently their current emotions influence how they feel about various future outcomes (36,42). Therefore, Immediate emotions not only do influence people’s judgement about possibility of various outcomes, but also influence how they feel about those outcomes (36). If we look at the marketers’ behaviour, we realized that they largely exploit this finding. Marketers usually start their communication (sale pitch) by inducing positive feelings in their audience, either by complementing their look or by starting a positive small talk along with a huge smile, etc. Health communicators could utilize this finding, as well, by employing methods to induce positive feelings in people before starting to communicate about a health behaviour.
According to affect as information hypothesis (15), people make a judgement…

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