The Effect Of Emotional And Verbal Abuse Of Children By Alcoholic Parents And Children 's Emotional Development

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A child that suffers from alcoholic parents suffer more ways than one. Children that have been abused from parents can lead to depression, anxiety, health problems, drug addiction, and other mental conditions. Children can be exposed to verbal, physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. Numerous studies have found a link to children maltreatment and parental alcoholism. Alcoholism can be defined as an increase of harmful risk taking. Physical child abuse can lead to children having bruises, broken bones, sleep disorders, and many long term affects. Child maltreatment can lead to a never ending cycle of child abuse. With continuous child abuse children can develop issues with attending school, and resulting them with a lower income. In this paper, first, the literature on child abuse and parental alcoholism is reviewed. And then, a correlational study will be proposed to examine the relationship between emotional and verbal abuse of children by alcoholic parents and children’s emotional development.
Distinguishing between sexual abuse and parental alcoholism is significant. Fogas, Teegarden, and Hastings (1993) conducted a study on sexual abuse and parental alcoholism. The participants of the University of Idaho students were used in this survey. Participants were classified as sexually abused if they were abused by someone who was five years or older. The participants completed a symptom checklist to examine different components of psychopathology. The majority of the…

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