The Effect Of Capital Punishment Essay

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The Effect of Capital Punishment
Has the death penalty influenced the United States in a positive way? How about the crime rate? Some states have abolished the death sentence, but others continue to have it as an option for crimes such as murder. Many debates have focused on the argument that the death penalty lowers the crime rate while others suggest it has no effect on the crime rate. A major premise for capital punishment is that it lowers the probability of someone committing a murder knowing his or her life may be jeopardized at court. Most criminals believe the worst possible punishment they can receive is life in prison and do not consider a death warrant. Life in prison has proven to be a harsher form of punishment than an execution. Many believe that a death sentence allows the convict to take the “easy way” out and prevents the malefactor from serving a more severe punishment such as life in prison.
Many researchers have attempted to associate capital punishment to a decrease in crime frequency. I am comparing the differences between states that have adopted capital punishment and states that have rejected death penalty and seeing if there is a decrease in crime rates for pro-capital punishment states. While at the San Jose Museum of Art, I encountered a snapshot of a prison cell showing the harsh conditions faced by prisoners. This portrait altered my focus to the punishments given to convicts. I narrowed it down to the various types of…

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