The Reasons Of The Death Penalty?

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One of our country’s biggest conflicts between what is right or wrong is the death penalty. The death penalty is known for punishing criminals of mass crimes such as murder; the death penalty is the capital punishment for a murderer that is convicted or guilty of the crime. I don’t support the death penalty, I side with the eighteen states that have abolished the death penalty in our nation. This means thirty-one states are using the death penalty as a punishment. I believe that the death penalty should be abolished in the United States, there are many reasons how our country would benefit from not using this type of punishment. One of the three main reasons I use to back up this reason is cost, effectiveness, and rehabilitation. The number …show more content…
You would think that executing people who have killed others would slow down the rate of murderers and crimes. But no that’s not the case; murder rates have been overall the same and haven’t had a significant drop in years. Many government officials say themselves that capital punishment doesn’t work. In 1976 the amount of murders in the U.S. was 18,780. In 2015, the amount of murders in the U.S. was 15,696. This statistics shows that there was barely any change from when the death penalty was first approved till now. According to a survey of the former and present presidents of the top criminological societies, eighty-eighty percent of the experts reject the notion that the death penalty acts as a deterrent to murder. Then a 2009 poll commissioned by DPIC found that police chiefs ranked the death penalty as last among the ways to reduce violent crime. Ninety-four percent of them agreed there was little empirical evidence to support the deterrent effect of the death penalty. When states that have death penalty laws are compared to states without death penalty laws the crimes rates are the same. According to North Carolina department of justice, the murder rate has declined the past years since the last execution in 2006. Nationally, murder rates are significantly lower in states that don’t use the death penalty. Prosecutors themselves are trying to reduce death sentences as well, since 1999 number of death row sentences has …show more content…
Retribution is just another word for revenge, as humans we desire revenge but its’s the lowest human emotion. To kill a person who killed someone close to you isn’t actually revenge, it’s just continuing the cycle of violent crime. Avenging a crime committed to another individual is understandable, but killing someone for murdering another is also unconstitutional. The death penalty also fails to rehabilitate the murderer of his or her crime. Rehabilitation is the act of trying to help bring back the original state of the criminal during their jail time. When a criminal is serving life in jail with no parole they have the opportunity to change their character while serving their time. When a criminal is placed on death row, they lose a little bit of their human dignity and our automatically discriminated of their right to live. If the death penalty was eliminated there could be many programs that could be used to help a person rehabilitate while in prison. Death penalty closes the door all the doors for the criminal to acknowledge his or her mistakes. By abolishing the death penalty it will give an immense opportunity for the criminal in altering their behavior. As well as diminishing our justice system of proceeding for revenge on the

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