The Effect Of Caloric Intake On Children Essay

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During the study 3 students withdrew from the school, then we were able to record the full data of only 9 children. The results collected from their FFDs and questionnaires showed a marked decrease in SSBs’ consumption after the first intervention. Since SSBs represent the leading source of added sugars in adolescents (Wang, 2008, Reedy and Krebs-Smith, 2010), we can assume that this reduction had an overall effect on their free sugar intake. However, it was not feasible to calculate the exact decrease in term of caloric intake, due to how the FFDs were completed by the children. They did not follow the size guide provided, and where they did, the data indicated that they did not clearly understand the measurements types provided. It is not clear whether the inconsistent nature of this self-reporting was driven by a lack of clarity in the instructions provided during our first intervention, or if it indicates that better quality data might be retrieved in future studies by requesting that the children’s guardian reports the child’s food intake. Noteworthy, a size guide for the other food items was not provided.
A reduction was observed also in the number of biscuits, chocolates bars, sweets and cereal consumption before and after the interventions. All of them have traditionally high levels of added sugar (Powell, 2007), therefore, the results suggested an overall decrease in added sugar intake.
The results from the evaluation forms filled out in the last session in…

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