The Education System Of Costa Rica Essay

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Asesores could be defined as “curriculum specialists appointed to oversee specific educational programs; math, Spanish, religion, sciences, social studies, nutrition, counseling, preschool education and special education.”. The assessment of the education of the students, teachers, and curriculum provides evidence that education is paramount in Costa Rica’s small democratic society.
The downfalls of the asesores in the education system in Costa Rica are: the lack of transportation and the inaccessibility of many villages. For example, during rainy season, asesores are not able to visit certain schools more than once or twice a year due to poor road conditions. The lack of transportation is caused about one third of children to end their education after the sixth year or school. This is particularly true for girls and those who live in remote, agricultural villages.
In conclusion, The Ministry of Public Education has provided the students of Costa Rica with a nationalized curriculum and asesores that have provided structure to the schools in the country. The creation of these education models has addressed the issues of students not making it past the first grade, as well as the dropout rate after six years of school.
Importance of Education

In 1869 public education was made free for all Costa Rican citizens. Education makes up between 19-31 percent of the country’s national budget. Almost 8 percent of students in the country receive some type of special education…

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