The Education System Must Be Changed Essay

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The Education System Must Be Changed Nearly one point two million, high school students drop out of school, here in the United States. Why is the high school dropout rate so high? It is because of our substandard education system. “Students were taught to be a fish and climb a tree.” (Williams) Children were taught to conform and be in cliché social roles. The education system does not provide for all types of learners. The system relies on standardized exams. Teachers and professors have poor benefits. The outdated education system must be fixed because our children are our future.
First of all, the education system was made for auditory and spatial learners. Auditory learners, learn best when they are listening to their teachers lecture about a certain topic. Spatial learners, learn best when they are reading text or seeing images. The school system is not accounting for students who learn best in hands on experiences. Not every child can just learn about the history of an artwork, on a PowerPoint or from a lecture. Some children need to learn by visiting an art museum, and having the true experience, of seeing the real history of the painting. There is a flaw in our school system, that needs to account for all types of learners.
Why do children, teachers, and students love fun activities and going on field trips? Most children will say that they are bored in the same classroom every day. “Boredom is the common condition of schoolteachers, and anyone who has spent time…

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