The Education Of Liberal Arts Education Essay

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As the caretakers of hospital settings, nurses are often the face of care and compassion for patients. However, through the evaluation of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) at Indiana Wesleyan University (2016b), there is a great emphasis on critical thinking and skill based teaching. This more technical course plan includes five courses in the sciences, seventeen nursing classes based on skills in a specialized area, with two additional nursing courses carrying a non-skill based value. This propagates a curiosity as to how nurses develop their compassion as caretakers in a program full of technical learning. The answer to this question resides in the liberal arts education. The liberal arts education reinforces and grows the depth of the compassion and critical thinking found in the nurses. Despite being used by many colleges and universities, liberal arts education often bewilders students on what its exact value is. The idea of liberal arts education is to provide education outside of the specified major, to develop certain skills designed to improve effectiveness and critical thinking. Credits such as composition, literature, history, math, science, and philosophy are all designed to open up the mind and explore topics that would be otherwise untouched. For example, through learning about literature, the human mind is open up to the viewpoint of the characters in the book, and the author, as well as the culture that exists in the book. Mary Wilby summarizes this…

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