The Education Of A Civilized Society Essay

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I believe the basis for a civilized society is the education of its people. The higher the education level of a country, the better the chance for that nations individuals to have a better life. Students learn best through well-organized classrooms, well planned curriculum and dedicated teachers who involve the students in all phases of the learning process. The teacher is the key component in the classroom. Their commitment to the learning process is vital for student’s success.
The learning theory I will be discussing is Social Cognitive. Many theorists support that the way people learn is by observing each other. Environmental activity affects behavior, as well as cognitive processes such as stimulus-response, relationships, and anticipation about future events. People watch and imitate what others do, this process is called modeling. I believe another factor that promotes this theories quality education program is the extent to which people think they can successfully complete tasks and activities. As the Social Cognitive Theory has evolved and been accepted by the teaching community, it has incorporated, self-regulation, where learners take control and direct their own actions.
Another theory is Contextual Theories. Theorists believe physical and social environment greatly influence learning. Many suggest young learners initially use sophisticated thinking strategies in social interactions and eventually internalized these strategies for their own personal use. In…

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