The Education Concept Of Education Essay

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True Educating at Its Best In "The Banking Concept of Education", Paulo Freire evaluates the teacher-student relationship and the concept of "Banking education" which he thought to not be a suitable process for education. Education is a systematic body of knowledge that is acquired through life experiences, schooling, and the environment. It is an important tool that applies in the contemporary world to succeed and to mitigate life challenges. Also, the knowledge gained through education enables individuals ' potential to be effectively utilized due to the training of the human mind. For this, educating requires part control from the learner 's side, part control from the instructor 's side, reliance on an amicable conversation and part contribution by the environment. And to best be educated, one must be willing to admit his ignorance and unawareness, humble himself to the level of the unknown and be willing to accept such knowledge that is obtained not just through schooling, but also through life experiences and stories. Education is defined as gaining knowledge of a lifetime through one 's experiences, lessons and the experiences of others. Also, it is the act of systematically acquiring knowledge to better oneself even if that, at times, could be detrimental to others. However, at times it is best achieved through manipulation. For instance, in order for Fredrick Douglass to learn from his peers, he would either bribe the hungry children with…

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