The Education Apocalypse : How It Happened Essay

1077 Words Sep 7th, 2015 null Page
High school and college students are often placed under volumes of pressure and high expectations for years. These pressures, which include preparing for college and managing to pay off student debt, create stress for many students. Many students turn to the help of parents, teachers, and counselors to help through the demanding times. In endeavoring to guide these students entering college, Glenn Harlan Reynolds wrote The Education Apocalypse: How It Happened and How to Survive It. He tries to offer advice towards students and everyone within the education sector. Reynolds thoroughly illustrates many issues in recent trends within the education system; however, he lacks the insight to convince readers towards his poorly supported predictions.
Reynolds covers the entire spectrum of education and discusses the inadequacy of the current structure. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, education was hands-on and informal, however, new jobs on the market required trained workers who had some education and specialized skills. Reynolds argues that the current K-12 system continues to run on the 19th-century model that was designed to produce factory workers. Since factory work is now not very common, he feels that the K-12 entity is out of date. Reynolds is against the strict rigidities that traditional high schools impose upon students and the artificially extended childhood it creates. He believes the issues that started in the K-12 system then followed into higher education.…

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