Essay about The Earth 's History Into A Clock Human History

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Did you know that even if we were to put the earth’s history into a clock human history would be less than a second? Still, we’ve made the most impact on the earth than any other species.Moreover, we are very inclined on learning about our past. Our history. Our revolution.

The human revolution occurred two hundred and fifty thousand years ago. Humans began migrating to Eurasia, Australia,The Americas as well as to The Pacific.Likewise, the core languages also began to spread.Such as Bantu which was from Africa and Indo-European Which was the core language of Europe. Culturally, the first societies(also known as Paleolithic) were egalitarian, had a higher spread of violence and were pretty much grouped into small populations with low densities. The economy of these early societies required much less work and people living in this time also altered the environment. Religiously, people in paleolithic times had a cyclical view of time and also had part time shamans.

As humans began really settling down, not having enough food became an issue and thus, early humans began domesticating plants and animals. Also, the earth began experiencing climate change because of the end of the ice age and this great transition of human revolution became based on agriculture. It was the Neolithic revolution.During this time women began working more in the house and men in fields hence, marking the first hint of inequality in human revolution. Indeed,some people didn’t accept living a…

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