Essay on The Earth We Live On Different Types Of People

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The Earth we live on consists of many different types of people. We come from different backgrounds such as race, ethnicity, and culture. We have all been brought up differently. From hundreds of years ago, there were substantial racism in our world. People were segregated and woman were heavily disregarded as inanimate objects rather than equal human beings. That was many, many years ago. Today, especially in the United States, we live in a world where people of all different races join together, men and woman come together and become friends. We all make up different ethnicities, we are friends with people of both genders. And when becoming friends with both genders, anyone can automatically observe that having a female friend is much like having a male friend, although there are similarities there are also differences. Kristine is a freshman in college and she has two close friends: Melanie and Toby. After much observation, Kristine noticed that although she spends most of her free time either talking to Melanie or talking to Toby, the conversations are definitely different between the two dear friends of Kristine. When Melanie talks to Nhu about relationships, she goes in great depth. Melanie gets on a more personal related issue, she talks to Nhu about her plans for the future, marriage, children, career choice. She goes in depth and most often would switch the conversation over to gossip and talk about a girl at work or a breakup she witnessed on Facebook. Melanie…

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