Essay about The Earth Is Under Threat

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The earth is under threat. Aliens are coming from multiple light years away with one mission – to decimate humanity. They are a cruel race by nature, and they will not rest until they see violence enacted. Luckily, they have a stipulation that could save humanity – if I punch the person sitting next to me right in the face, they will relent their barrage. Specifically, the person to make this decision and take the action must me. Unfortunately for humanity, I live my life under a strict Kantian code of ethics. I struggle, because I recognize immediately that using someone as a means to an end is, to me, morally reprehensible. On the other hand, I am a human, and I instinctually begin to worry about my own safety. Thinking fast, I try to come up with a justification to shift my maxims. If I can just shift my maxims to allow me to punch this man in the face, I can potentially save myself, the every single person alive on Earth, including the man I punch himself. But, if I cannot justify it, then I would rather die than be immoral.
Kant means well, he just lays out his moral theories confusingly. In Kant’s time, the idea of aliens taking over the earth was not a big deal. He lived in a time that was beginning to question whether God even existed. So, the idea of ultimate destruction is one that he probably did not deal with very often. For the people living in the Enlightenment, reason and rationality was becoming increasingly important. This was probably one of the biggest…

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