The Early Childhood Education Program Essay

1055 Words Oct 19th, 2015 null Page
After attending the majors and minors exploration expo I have learned about many different options that Kent State has to offer. The most interesting major for me personally is the early childhood education major offered. The early childhood education program allows educators to teach children in grades preschool through third, or ages three through eight. The program is four years, the first three semesters you focus on few education classes and you Kent core classes, after that you apply for advanced study and start in the field. What I find unique about this program specifically at Kent is that you go directly into the actual field early and start having more experiences. Another major that I found interesting was psychology, I also found this interesting as a minor. With a psychology major there are many different options as to what you can do with your degree. The psychology branch that I felt was the most interesting was forensic psychology, which allows you to work with legal and criminal justice cases. With a psychology minor I would take classes that focus more on psychology along with whatever major I would be taking. Another major that I found interesting would be the Human Development and Family Studies major, with a concentration in child and youth development. This major allows you to work with children and young adults in places other than school. I found this interesting because it would allow you to work with juvenile justice programs and it would still…

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