Essay about The Drug Abuse Of The Emergency Room

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The phone call came in the afternoon, one of twenty or so that day. Marty, a former patient, had died of a heroin overdose. Reportedly, another person was with her when she injected the heroin but ran off when she crashed. A prompt call to 911 or access to a Narcotic Overdose Rescue Kit might have saved her life.
Marty was a rebellious teenager, having dropped out of school in the 11th grade. Her parents thought it was just a phase until she overdosed for the first time on heroin. They had been unaware she was using heroin, let alone injecting it.
After stabilization in the emergency room, she was transferred to a Residential Treatment Program for an additional month of treatment. She then entered my outpatient substance abuse clinic. I started her on buprenorphine, a medication that reduces or takes away cravings. I also provided intensive substance abuse therapy.
Marty was an energetic, bright and charismatic twenty-year-old. However, she was a difficult patient. She was in denial about her addiction, a major roadblock to recovery. She said she could easily stop using heroin, but could not explain why she continued to relapse while in treatment.
Marty would not consistently follow my treatment recommendations. She always had an excuse for not going to Narcotics Anonymous or returning to school to obtain her GED. I explained to her the importance of moving forward in a positive way and dissociating from her drug-abusing friends, but to no avail. She had far too much idle…

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