The Driving Factors Behind Globalization Essay

1927 Words Nov 6th, 2016 8 Pages
Globalization is a merge of diverse national forces, with interaction and unification among the people, companies, and government of the separate nations. The driving factors behind globalization are investment and international trade, which are supported by technology. The association of sporting, cultural, and economic activities are the underlying cause of the connectivity component of globalization. The relationship between these activities have been increasing at a positive rate, leading to the spread of different cultural life across the world. Sports are debatably the most universal feature of popular culture. They combine different factors such as language and cultural differences that fascinate its spectators and participants, as a professional business as well as recreational purposes. Unlike other entertainment sources, people participate in the activity as much as they watch it. And, while watching it, feelings of deep passion are expressed, that cannot be related to other experiences. The culture of sport can be both local and distant, thus supporting globalization. It is local in that people support “their” local sports team, and distanced in that the sports are watched on foreign television networks. Whether it is recognized or not, sports are a crucial part of our everyday life and can be used to help us modify the term ‘globalization’ (Miller). The sport that can be said to most closely relate to the globalization of the world is soccer, or football, in…

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