The Dred Scott Supreme Court Decision Essay

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Throughout the mid-18th century, the Dred Scott Supreme Court decision became a key contributing factor in the separation between the Union and Confederacy going into the American Civil War. With the conflict of proslavery and antislavery groups fighting for new states, this choice became a debated topic within the detached United States for the effect it had in the slavery legal and economic system. Riots transpired and differences between political leaders and Court justices arose as the decision was made. Historical documents, like the Missouri Compromise of 1820 and the U.S. Constitution, were used within this court case by Chief Justice Roger Taney to lead towards the defeat of Scott. The controversial U.S. Supreme Court’s decision of denying Dred Scott’s freedom led to sectionalism for it sparked differences of opinions between anti-slavery and pro-slavery advocates. After having his suit being overturned at a local court in Missouri, former slave Scott filed a suit in the U.S. Supreme Court. Through all of those years back and forth within the case, occurrences happened in which characters like Dr. Emerson and Roger Taney left an impact. Dr. Emerson, an U.S. army surgeon and Dred Scott’s owner, lived in St. Louis and then moved to posts in the territories of Wisconsin and Illinois, which later allowed for Scott to try to take part of the Missouri Compromise of 1820. After the death of Emerson, his wife Irene Emerson was then the owner of Dred Scott and his wife…

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