The Dream Of The Rood Sacrifice Analysis

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Billy Graham wisely proclaimed, “God proved His love on the cross. When Christ hung, and bled, and died, it was God saying to the world, love you.” Sadly, many people forget of how amazing the sacrifice of Jesus died for all sinners. The Dream of Rood wonderfully displays an inosinate man sacrifices. It even includes the seriousness of our sins. Shockingly, after reading the Dream of Rood one wants to bring praises to Jesus. The Dream of the Rood reminds the reader of Jesus ‘great sacrifices for all sinners. This tenth century manuscript, Dream of the Rood masterfully presents the inosinate’s of Jesus Christ. For instance, the cross-wanted to “bow down or fall to pieces, (Dream of Rood 35)” but God’s will prevented it. When he died “all creation wept mourning the king’s fall,” (Dream of Rood 55) further displaying his inosinate. He died as son of God “set to redeem mankind,” (Dream of Rood). Even showed that when he died God “stretched out” (Dream of Rood 52) darkness through the skies. The Dream of the Rood displays the cruelty of the ones who killed the savior as they crucified him yet it also shows the willingness of Jesus to die for everyone’s sin. In the poem, it …show more content…
Now He owns a kingdom in Heaven. In addition, whose soul longs to be saved by the savor, “must seek His kingdom,” (Dream of the Rood 121). He now lives as “King of Glory living in glory,” (Dream of the rood 133). If one abides in His kingdom His “joy lasts forever,” (Dream of the rood 141). He will return to bring the saints and will remain “almighty ruler,” (Dream of the rood 154). If one believes in Him then when dying, “here on this earth shall fetch me away from this fleeting life and bring me then where bliss is eternal to joy in paradise,” (Dream of the rood 136). Once someone fully understand the torture and pain Jesus suffered, His incenses, and the eternal joy one gets for following Him he or she can fully appreciate the

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