Essay about The Dream And The Reality Are Inherently Antithetical

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“Lone Star, like the lovers, cannot start from scratch” for Sam’s investigation collapses the border between past and present. His uncovers a secret that alters existing perceptions and permanently links the past with the present. Though Sam and Pilar refuse to let “blood mean what society proclaims it should,” they cannot avoid history 's perpetual impact (26). In order to start over, “they will have to repeat the history of transgression, deception, and cover-ups they want to forget” (27). They wish to begin anew while reenacting the previous generation 's deception; the dream and the reality are inherently antithetical. Though a smooth assimilation to miscegenation inspires acceptance, it does not establish plausibility. Miscegenation’s “ relaxed” social construct relaxes the immediate aversion to incest yet does not discredit the past. Rather, it allows the protagonists to negotiate with the past, creating a “loophole” in an unspoken social acceptability contract. From the collapsed borders between time to Sam and Pilar’s biological loophole, their final decision is approved yet not believed. The need for a loophole merely validates the past; knowledge is a permanent “place” that one forever lives in. John Sayles visually integrates the past with the future by “employing panning shots in place of dissolves” or cuts (27). This cinematically exemplifies why Lone Star and the lovers cannot “forget the Alamo” (qtd. by Magowan 27). Though the borders may be fuzzy between…

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