The Doll 's House By Katherine Mansfield Essay

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“She smiled her rare smile… I seen the little lamp.”(78) The short story, The Doll’s House, revolves around two main families, the Kelveys and the Burnells. It focuses on the problems of both the poor and the rich. The story is much more than a narrative about kindness it is also about the problems many people face in society. Written by Katherine Mansfield in 1922, The Doll’s House provides people with a different perspective to the problems in society through the two families in the story. From the way that they treat one another to simply their way of life. Mansfield criticizes the problem of social class, in our society and we can see this in the differences of the Kelveys and the Burnells. In this story, Mansfield juxtaposes the rich and the poor in an attempt to compare and contrast them. The Kelveys, poor and the Burnells, rich. Mansfield finds fault in society as a result of discrimination, the gap between the rich and the poor, and bullying. Although, Mansfield is able to critique the different parts of society, she is also able to provide hope, in the form of Kezia and the lamp.

First off, the different aspects of discrimination is shown all over the story by Mansfield. The way the Kelveys are treated is one of the ways in which discrimination is portrayed. At their school, the Kelveys are constantly given special treatment. for example, the teachers have a special voice and smile for them whilst the other kids make fun of and shunned them. Along with that,…

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