Essay on The Doctrine Of Election Is The Heart And Soul Of Scripture

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Many people would describe realizing that they have been divinely chosen as one of their most empowering moments. They would never forget the instant when enlightening thoughts, overwhelming feelings, and memories collided and fueled the emulation of heavenly standards. Being recruited into God’s forces is truly indescribable. After all, they did not possess any characteristic justifying selection. No person in human history has displayed enough independent virtue, wisdom, or strength to seize the attention of creation’s architect. Hence, no individual would have a justified case against the Most High for failing to deliver their ensuing benefits. Therefore, the doctrine of election is a complicated and multi-layered topic because it encapsulates topics of will, standard, judgment and reward.
A quick investigation of the phrase provides definite and strangely differing results. Some writers claim the doctrine of election is the “heart and soul of scripture”. While others describe it as a doctrine encircled with hazards. It has even been equated with “a tool of Satan to thwart the evangelistic zeal of the church”. Hence, there are countless voices volunteering opinions of the advantage or detriment within the doctrine of election. One thing is sure, as Charles Spurgeon once proclaimed; “Whatever may be said about the doctrine of election, it is written in the Word of God as with an iron pen, and there is no getting rid of it; where it stands”. Therefore, a…

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