Essay on The Doctrine Of Double Effect

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There arise two problems when discussing the doctrine of double effect, the first being the close connection theory, and the second being choice description relativity. First, we’d discuss the choice description relativity. The idea behind choice description relativity is that you can explain the harm away to make it foreseen and unintended. In both CC and HC, the doctor intends to have the fetus and mother survive, and if given the chance to save both, it is expected they would. By stating this fact, the doctrine fails to justify or vilify the actions of the doctor as both actions are bad and unfavorable. Also, in CC, it is not the killing of the mother or fetus that is intended, but a complication that requires the removal of the fetus. At first glance, it would be hard to apply this logic to the case of the terror bomber and strategic bomber. The terror bomber seems to need the deaths of the innocent civilians to lower the moral of the opposing faction. However, one can claim that it is not the loss of life that demoralizes the enemy, but he instead needs the citizens as good as dead. This means that if they were somehow resurrected after the war, it would not change how the bomber feels. The choice description relativity even holds up in the cases of DR and GP. In DR, the doctors want to save everyone they can, and with the limited resources, can’t use most of their resources on a small group of patients when they could use the same resources and save three times that…

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